[Dragonmun Studios] This Is the May… of Art!

Home  •   Patreon  •   Discord  •   Event Schedule Happy May and Star Wars stuff Y'all! First of all, I want to welcome all of the new subscribers to this newsletter. I'm excited to have you here. Earthday Birthday 30 was a wild one and it was so cool to share that experience with you and my booth buddy, Lesi over at Alisha's Backyard Nursery  (she's the one with the cool figures and statues ). I never did find out who the artist was that had their entire booth sucked up into the sky by the dust devil , but their neighbor (who also lost their tent because of it) is AandMBootique on etsy and they could use a little love as well.  Last Month In Art April was just nuts with art. I did so many things! Maps for the map guy ! ( THGC Publishing ), an extremely vague Persona reference, a mundane dragon (my specialty!), and another watercolor Sivoa thing that will be up on Patreon by the end of the weekend.   May is looking to be just as busy. 😅 The Near Future: I finally

[Dragonmun Studios] This Show Was On Fire!

Home  •   Patreon  •   Discord  •   Event Schedule Greetings from Zombieland, where I am now a temporary resident (holy smokes, I am so tired! 😴). MegaCon was hot this year! It was so lit that it was 🔥🔥🔥… Okay, actually it was just smoke once they put the pizza fire out. There was no need to clear the building. It was contained and extinguished almost instantly. I personally thought it smelled delicious. Shout out to all the people that visited me at my booth! It was such a joy to be able to talk with you in person! I apologize for the absolute word salad I offered. I was dealing with an on-again/off-again migraine (that I'm starting to suspect might be a new food allergy) and was just totally off my game. Despite that, it was my most successful MegaCon yet! I'm definitely going back next year! 😁 Last Month In Art March is when my daughter's school decided to have their spring break, so I was heavily delayed in getting any art done. Following that, I dove head-long

[Dragonmun Studios] MegaCon Update - Floorplan and other info

Home  •   Patreon  •   Discord  •   Event Schedule This email is kind of a copy/paste of the MegaCon event post that I sent with my last email. As this show is where I've met most of you and you've expressed an interest in this information, you might want to bookmark that link. 🥰 ❤️ I'll be located in Artist Alley, at table A119!️ ❤️ Naturally this is almost on the complete other end of the hall from where you'll be coming in. The easiest way back there is probably along the wall to the left. This might also be the easiest route to avoid the traffic for celebrity signing  [ Official Site ] [ Buy Tickets* ] [ Exhibitor Hall Floorplan ] *If you use my "buy tickets" link above, you'll help me pay for my table... which is kinda awesome of them to do. Directions: The Orange County Convention Center is a special kind of hell to get to, if we're being honest. You'll want to avoid Interstate 4 and International Drive as much as possible when you can..