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[Dragonmun Studios] Books, teas, and a kitten...

Awwww!!! The kitten is mauling me! Awwww!!! The kitten is mauling me! Dear Reader, If you are reading this, then I'm at Tampa Indie Author Book Convention! This is the first convention that I've done in over a year and I AM STOKED! Since I'm knees deep in my inventory, I am also fulfilling online orders while at the show. Check out my wares at ! Orders will go out in the mail on Monday. :) Today is also the day that the Auset Gypsy tarot deck - that illustrated the minor arcana for - comes out! For more information on that, check out here . That's not the only collaboration I've participated in to release around now. Too Late to Pray, by T. W. Lofgren (which I illustrated the cover for) was released and can be found here , and Sivoa got a tea set! Since the last email, I was contacted by my friend, Captain.Dee on TikTok , about making a fandom set of teas inspired by Sivoa … and so we did! Y'all, they're so good! Descriptions and b