[Dragonmun Studios] Juggling July

This month is like a carnival over here!
Photo from last year's show

Happy 5th of July!

I'm beyond pleased to say that my favorite charity, Mel's Bad Girls Club, is hosting their annual Sensory Overload art show again this year!

It'll be featuring some of my hand-embellished Sivoa prints and a couple of watercolor dragon originals. I'll also be recording a walk-through of the opening for the Twitch channel. To join me in this very fun evening, head over to the City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando this July 15th! To catch the Twitch stream about it, go to http://twitch.tv/dragonmun on July 21st at 8pm EDT.

This will likely be my big public event for the next couple of months or so… because I bought a house! Holy moly! I'm a homeowner! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Getting everything ready to move in and then actually moving in is going to eat up the rest of my summer, which is fine. My next set of live events won't start until the fall - when I'll be traveling the furthest away from home I have ever traveled!

I'll be tagging along to assist my friend Elk at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon! That is literally the opposite end of the country from me! If you can, you should totally come and check out her artwork there with me. I love her stuff! 🥰

Speaking of helping friends with their creative endeavors, I'm also participating in an author newsletter book swap. Savanna Rae featured Sivoa on her blog and I'm returning the favor by dropping mention of her book, "Stockholm," here. TBH, it looks pretty intense! It's definitely caught my attention.


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