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[Dragonmun Studios] Big Moves and Displaying Art

Yes. All of August. I don't think that I mentioned it much in emails because the process has been a long-running background thing, but on July 2nd my husband and I closed on a house! We're homeowners(!) and every waking moment since then has been busy busy busy! I won't go into detail, but there's a lot of remodeling that needs to be done before we're comfortable with moving in and getting that all in line has been remarkably tedious. Then, just two weeks after that I managed to catch some sort of bacterial sinusitis, which floored me for another week. Tests and whatnot proved it wasn't Covid and antibiotics helped me recover pretty quickly, but I still wound up being behind on a lot of things because of it. Trying to catch up on everything led to the decision to cut back on some of the less essential business things - such as my Twitch stream , which simply just did not happen last month due to the aforementioned and a fluke involving lightning . Until I'm