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[Dragonmun Studios] September me, my love...

As I'm typing this, I'm preparing to leave for Rose City Comic Con , in Portland, OR with my BFF, The White Elk ! This is the first convention I've ever attended on that side of the country and I'm excited to see, like, s o many online friends ! Then two weeks after that I get to see even more at Necronomicon over here in Tampa, where I will be vending . I really kind of need this after last month. August was very rough for me with the kiddo starting school back up (in Florida, where everything is insane) and the passing of Jarvis , my (but then Daniel's ) cat. She meant a lot to me. More than I think I'll ever be able to explain. I did manage to get some art done though! Two children's book pages, a Sivoa illustration (with another coming out on Tuesday!), and two Sivoa sketches! All of which can be found on the Patreon member Discord channel ! I also got a ton of writing done. 😁 If you already follow me on Patreon (it's free!), these monthly emails