[Dragonmun Studios] It's Festival Season!

and everyone is having them!

It's festival season and because all walks of life had paused their events until now, there are just… so many! I've gotta say, going full-on back to in-person conventions has been a weird experience. To keep things short, Rose City Comic Con was so vigilant with making sure attendees had been vaccinated and wore masks, that it felt completely safe to be in that big hall, even with the huge crowds. Necronomicon, on the other hand, said that it was unreasonable to expect them to enforce any such policy, and as such, the convention was empty. I know that correlation does not equal causation, but numerous people replied to Necronomicon's facebook group, saying that they didn't feel safe to go because of health concerns... so they didn't.

I guess the TLDR of this is that making the public feel safe seems to be a good business move. It's certainly becoming a factor in my decisions on which events I want to attend in the future. Yes, I know that the pandemic will eventually end, but the moves that conventions are making now show where their hearts are. Those willing to go a little bit above and beyond to ensure the overall health of their attendees show that they care about them, which will be reflected down the line in other things. I like events that care.

Which is why I'm considering making an appearance at Spooky Empire this month.

I don't often attend this show because it's theme is a little outside of my realm of product, but this year James Jacob Pierri will be there with the Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck - which I illustrated the minor arcana for. If all goes well with the publisher sponsoring his table, I'll be there to sign cards and such on the Sunday of the show. I'll also be showcasing the (mini) watercolor paintings that I did for the pip cards before I gift them to James. 🥰

Because the tarot cards are his story to tell, and because there won't be much room for me to display my art anyway, I went ahead and updated the World of Sivoa website with new illustrations, new guest art, and a new gallery!


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