[Dragonmun Studios] This Old November

As I sit here, writing this newsletter, I'm looking out the window to find that today November is definitely owning up to the first part of the above quote. To be fair though this is the first day this month where it's been rainy like this. Days 1-4 have been gorgeous by Florida standards… which is newsletter worthy in that the weather has allowed for the rebuilding of my roof to begin!

This was the first domino of the various steps needed to be able to remodel and move into my new house, which will ultimately lead to my being able to finally build myself a proper studio! That, in turn, will allow me to get back to streaming on twitch again! Yay!

For now I'm still working out of this bag (which turned out to be one of the best stretch-goal items we have ever gotten from Kickstarter 😅):

My office is so efficient!

This travel bag turned out to be super handy at Spooky Empire too! I'm not sure what I was expecting when I went up there to sign Auset Gypsy tarot cards at the REDFeather booth, but table space was definitely part of it. Upon arriving to find out that none was available, I was still able to network out of my little (big) bag here. 😁

I'm not the only one working out of bags/boxes like this either. A conversation with Rose informed me that a lot of metaphysical shops (like James') were closing their brick and mortar stores to pursue a touring/online business model; join the convention vendor life. This is a story that I'm hearing more and more for businesses (of all types) and I find it interesting that the convention/trade-show/farmers market things are quickly becoming - to the eyes of society - "real" jobs.

I feel that this also makes the phrase "shop local" not as useful as it used to be. Local implies physical stores that you can drive to, but with more and more businesses moving to weird hybrid models in order to stay afloat, hoping in the car at the last minute to drive to them isn't all that feasible anymore. "Shop small businesses" or "shop small" would be a much better thing to push and something that I feel everyone should keep in mind this upcoming holiday season.

Of course the strain on the shipping industry, plus the fact that we're pretty much still in a pandemic, complicates this. In regards to gift-giving this year, digital goods might be the easiest way to go.

I'm personally still on the fence regarding NFTs, so I won't suggest them, but I have opened up egift-cards as an option for my online store and commission services. This way you can pre-pay for prints, books, or custom art and not have to fret about it arriving in time to gift it. This also works out because I'm booked through the end of the year for custom art commissions as I am still working on that children's book.

I'm also still working on that second Sivoa novel and using the NaNoWriMo challenge to push it to completion. If you'd like to passively follow my progress on that, you can do so on my NaNoWriMo profile or on Discord. If you'd like to actually read some of it, I recommend throwing down a dollar or more on my patreon at http://patreon.com/dragonmun.


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