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[Dragonmun Studios] A (Next) Year In The Books

I never get tired of opening boxes like this. While I didn't technically "win" the NaNoWriMo again this year, I've been extremely successful with it. Sivoa: Zenith now has as many words as Sivoa: Sunrise and the ending is actually written. I just need to fill in some plot holes and write in some scene connectors before it's onto the editing phase. I forgot how exciting it is to be this close to the finish line! Heck, I'm feeling this on two fronts! The children's book I've been working on is approaching completion and is looking like it'll make its deadline of February! Y'all, this story is so stinking cute! It's about 5 little goblins just barely not failing at puppy sitting. Stylistically, it's like a hybrid storybook and comic, which helps to keep it timeless. 🥰 Being on the production side, I do not know what launch procedures for this book will look like, but if you want to be kept informed about release and ordering information