[Dragonmun Studios] A Whole Mess of Twos

Happy 2022! All these twos must be affecting my brain because I've been two days late with my regularly scheduled content since the year started. 😅

I want to blame the cheese, but in truth it's because I've been overwhelmed with the move into my new house and the death of a dear friend. In fact, I've been using the move to dive mindlessly into physical labor and turn off my feelings - which bit me in the ass earlier this week when I realized that I hadn't even started on my Patreon update. I opened up photoshop to start coloring and about ten minutes in I couldn't see the screen through my tears. That moment of quiet allowed me to grieve like I should've in the first place and I guess I'm better now for it.

I still miss Weatherly though. He was a staple of convention life for me - a friendly face that was always there to tell really bad jokes, make silly faces, and show off his latest shirt designs. He was the father of Aardvark Tees and if you've ever been to an anime or comic convention in the eastern United States, there's a good chance that you've met him. I miss him so much.

God, I really wanted him to see this children's book thing too. I think that he'd have liked it a lot.

I don't have a real update on that aside from it'll be out toward the end of February. There will not be a pre-ordering period for it, nor will there be a crowd-funding effort made. It will be print-only as picture-heavy publications don't translate well through whatever piece of junk software Amazon uses. It's very likely this will be something of a quiet release, so if you want to be notified when you can get your hands on it, subscribe to the temporary mailing list I set up over here (the list will be deleted once the book is widely available and everyone notified).

Going to try and take the rest of January easy. I hope that it goes well for you too. ❤️


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