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[Dragonmun Studios] When Goblins Puppysit is out!

(Who let the dog out?!) Thank you for letting me into your inbox for a second time this month. 🥰 As promised in previous emails, I am emailing with the price and release information on the children's book, When Goblins Puppysit! It's $9.99 on Amazon and available today!  Won't lie, I kind of can't believe I'm sending this because I've been working on this project so long and It's finally here! Ahhhhh!!! *happy dance*   Buy your copy by clicking here! We went with Amazon mostly out of familiarity and ease of publication, but I do want to say that because they kind of act like a marketplace for a POD service (that they also provide), their print editions are pretty lucrative for small-time authors. Their base prices are the most affordable I've found and we authors get as much as a 66.66% of each printed book sale (depending on what agreements we make ourselves behind the scenes). In terms of royalties, that's pretty nuts! Digital editions... not so m

[Dragonmun Studios] Pictures and Words

I never remember that people jump into January with extreme gusto… and I totally should because I get swept away in the tide of it every single time. This is all to say that I've been incredibly busy during a month that I thought I'd be able to take a little bit of time to focus on self care. Whoops. 😅 Regarding the stuff that I can talk about, I was asked to make a map charting the life of Jean Baptiste Point du Sable . While I don't know exactly where, this map will be featured in an exhibit dedicated to the "Founder of Chicago." I love working on projects like this because I learn so much - and just in time for Black History Month too! I don't really know how I managed to squeeze that into all the prep-work for the release of When Goblins Puppysit , which will be available to purchase later on this month! This adorable little book about 5 tiny goblins attempting to take care of a puppy named Mal is skipping the pre-order stage and will be going straight to