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[Dragonmun Studios] Patreonizing Events

Last month I realized that I had a social media addiction and decided that it wasn't doing my mental health any good. Though I couldn't axe it completely, I cut back on it in many ways and I have to say that I am doing a lot better in my personal headspace. The ideas are flowing again and I'm starting to figure out how to maintain a proper schedule once more. This seems to have allowed me to work on writing/art around the home remodeling and family stuff! I suppose I didn't realize just how much time in my day I dedicated to doom scrolling...  😅 This newfound time let me go in and restructure my Patreon tiers some. There's only two now (fun names pending), but they reflect what we discussed back in November/December regarding the sketch tier that I no longer have the backstock to fulfill. The poll and Discord discussion about that resulted in the decision to make an annual artist zine! Those paying $10 (or more) each month will now receive a printed publication by