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[Dragonmun Studios] A Quick MegaCon Update

Thank you for letting me into your mailbox a second time this month! I received my table placement and map for MegaCon 2022 and am sending links to the floorplan as I've promised I would.  My Dragonmun Studios booth will be at Artist Alley table AA57. Information for that can be found here. It's looking like the easiest way to get to the artist area is to go along the left wall of the hall after ticketing. The PDF we were sent can be found at here . Please be aware that the show hours on there are for everyone, but the other schedules aren't. If you try to meet with vendors during those other times, it'll be an annoyance for everyone involved. I have a frequently asked question regarding some products and to answer it; no. I'm not currently taking pre-orders for the tarot cards, children's book, or Sivoa collectors box. I know that this is a little out of the norm for me, but the honest answer is that I forgot to pad my stock orders for that and never made the

[Dragonmun Studios] Remember the Mayhem!