[Dragonmun Studios] Remember the Mayhem!

In starting this email, I realized something kind of funny about myself. I don't take photos. I mean, yes, I do. I've taken a ridiculous amount of photos since 2020, when I bought my fancy camera, but they're not… moments. They're not memories. I treat my camera like I treat any other artistic medium I have access to. It's a tool to make art.

This is a problem in that I don't really have a picture to represent Earthday Birthday and my return to big festivals. I find this annoying because it's what I actually bought that damned camera for! 😅

Earthday Birthday was fantastic! I did well vending-side and the bands (excluding Godsmack) were awesome! I met some of the coolest people ever (three generations of mosh-pit girls!) and I rediscovered a confidence in my work that varying degrees of lockdown chipped away at. I feel alive again!

And, of course, I forgot to photograph any of that. 🤦

MegaCon is in two weeks and, even if I use my phone, I'm going to try to capture some of the more meaningful moments I experience there. That might be hard because living in the moment doesn't equate to pulling out a camera, but maybe I'll remember. I'd love some help in that regard. Maybe I should practice during the preparation stages.

I am doing so much for this event, it's ridiculous. I'll have copies of the children's book, When Goblins Puppysit, at the table and they're signed by both creators! I'll have sets of the Auset Gypsy tarot deck and I'm unveiling the first collectors box for Sivoa!

This box is seriously cool. On top of containing signed paperbacks of both Sivoa: Sunrise and Sivoa: Mourning, It'll have over 40 6x9in prints of all of the artwork that I did for both - all in a pretty iridescent-marked box!

Don't worry if you already have the novels. Collector boxes sans books will be available on the website at the end of the month - just in time for the 1st Friday event at FAVO. 🥰

Photo of the children's book
Photo of the Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck Package
Photo of the Sivoa: Sunrise and Sivoa: Mourning Collectors box set

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