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[Dragonmun Studios] Photographic Evidence

Remember that resolution to try and be more active about capturing memories? Well, I both did and did not remember to do this. I've successfully remembered to capture personal moments (like my daughter getting her summer haircut), but I've really slacked when it came to MegaCon . To be fair, I did commemorate the adoption of one of my original brain babies and I did snap WiP photos of the red dragon that I was working on there, so it didn't go by totally undocumented. That convention was intense. I heard a rumor that 150,000 people attended and, while I'm hesitant to agree because they use a turnstile counting system, it certainly felt like it. My booth was slammed from open to close, day one through day four. Then, two weeks later, Russell and I had a collaborative art show at FAVO ! Mixed Fantasy was a two-night event that showcased our combined fantasy styles - which I did document ! Whoohoo! Next up is Anime Festival Orlando , which is in two weeks. There I'll