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[Dragonmun Studios] Thank you for writing weird.

One of 5 hand-embellished, glow-in-the-dark, giclée's hanging at Sensory Overload this month. Well, July totally didn't go as planned. Right there at the end of it, my daughter and I caught covid and I had to cancel my plans to go to Tampa Bay Comic Con. In an effort to recoup lost income, I set the online store to free shipping for the weekend, but then just fell off the effort because the virus really did a number on me. Event-wise, I don't usually have much planned for August. It's when the runt goes back to school and I spend time reorienting my workspace for the next year. I do still have some really cool artwork (that glows, using paints I made myself!) hanging up at Sensory Overload , where it will be until the 13th, but that's the only live thing I have planned until October - when I'll be vending at Spooky Empire . In this week where I existed as a lump on the couch, I watched the entirety of Umbrella Academy - which I enjoyed immensely. This now mak