[Dragonmun Studios] Thank you for writing weird.

A side-by-side comparison of a hand-embellished print that glows in the dark. It features a stained glass-styled image of Sivoa characters.

One of 5 hand-embellished, glow-in-the-dark, giclée's hanging at Sensory Overload this month.

Well, July totally didn't go as planned. Right there at the end of it, my daughter and I caught covid and I had to cancel my plans to go to Tampa Bay Comic Con. In an effort to recoup lost income, I set the online store to free shipping for the weekend, but then just fell off the effort because the virus really did a number on me.

Event-wise, I don't usually have much planned for August. It's when the runt goes back to school and I spend time reorienting my workspace for the next year. I do still have some really cool artwork (that glows, using paints I made myself!) hanging up at Sensory Overload, where it will be until the 13th, but that's the only live thing I have planned until October - when I'll be vending at Spooky Empire.

In this week where I existed as a lump on the couch, I watched the entirety of Umbrella Academy - which I enjoyed immensely. This now makes me question how much stock to put into the opinions of the people who told me it's terrible. It's really rather good - even if it wasn't what I initially logged into Netflix to see.

What I logged into Netflix to see was the Sandman trailer for the bajillionth time. I'm so excited for this show (it comes out today!)! I'm a huge fan of the comic and can honestly say that if not for that story, I probably wouldn't be the storyteller that I am today. It is WEIRD and that stunning example of weirdness showed me that It's okay to work in completely off the wall concepts. Sivoa (particularly Mourning and Zenith) are full of things that I once would have been like "that's not realistic" and have chucked in the trash. If I were ever able to say anything to it's creator, Neil Gaiman, it would be "thank you for writing weird."


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