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[Dragonmun Studios] Welcome to the 'bers!

The Sandman has been on repeat in my house since my last email. I love this adaptation! We're out of August and into the 'bers! Pumpkin stuff has taken over everything and some of us are pretending that there's a hint of cold in the air (which is a total lie in Florida and why I'm going to go visit some mountains at some point). Sensory Overload lived up to its name and might have traumatized me and my kid some (I'm honestly proud of the political artists that threw down hard this year! Well done!). We recovered by eating doughnuts at the awesome shop in the Orlando Library 's garage - which is something I recommend everyone go do when they're visiting the CityArts Factory . The two things just compliment each other so perfectly! Like CSoH coffee and Spooky Empire … which I'll be at again this year! This October will be my first time running an art table all my own there and I'm actually kinda nervous about it. I'm a fantasy author/artist ! W