[Dragonmun Studios] Here I am, Rocked by the Hurricane...

Words on light green field that say

And it really hurts when it bites you!

When I emailed you last, I honestly didn't expect September to be exciting. I expected a quiet month, where I went on vacation to the mountains with my friends and not much else. I didn't expect my car to feign death for my leaving (I swear I'm going to rename it Howell, because it's been exactly that level of dramatic lately) and I definitely did not expect a hurricane to come and kick America in the dick (where I live).

While I was able to write and paint on vacay, the other stuff has put me woefully behind on pretty much everything. This month's Patreon illustration will have to wait until next week. I'm financially behind because I had to buy hurricane shutters and supplies with money I didn't really have, and I will be late for the press art submission for Fabrications. Gah! 😵‍

I don't mean to downplay this and I supposed that I really can't complain. I'm so incredibly lucky that my friends, family, and I came through this disaster pretty much okay. The events I have lined up are still happening and I was able to bring my inventory with me to the place where we sheltered, so it's undamaged and ready for Spooky!

I'm seriously counting my blessings right now (you amongst them). 🥰


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