[Dragonmun Studios] To Tell The Truth... or Not. 😅

The paintings I did for "Fabrications: An Exhibit About Truth and Lies"

Today (Nov. 5th) is the DeLand Original Music Festival! As the name implies, it's all about  supporting Florida's independent musicians and has over a hundred acts performing on… I don't actually know how many stages (the schedule can be found here). It also lightly supports Florida's other kinds of artists, which is why I'm here right now! 😁

Lesi and I set up the Dragonmun Studios art tent just outside of the Mainstage/VIP/Artist Village gates and are gonna be camping out here all day to sell our fantastic creations! You can find out more about our doings at this event by clicking here (I'd link you to the event website, but that's honestly a horrible mess).

This is my second-to-last live event happening this year, with "Fabrications: An Exhibit About Truth and Lies" (happening on November 17th) being the last. I'm starting to feel the hype for this since I was interviewed about it (and so much more) on the Ancestral Muses podcast. Quite a few artists participating in it were, actually. Our episodes will be released, countdown-style, between now and then. Use whatever podcast platform you like to subscribe so that you can hear them. 🥰

As usual, I'll also be participating in the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. Also, as usual, I'm being weird about it and will be laying out a graphic design/art morgue book and zine instead of writing strict prose. I still made a word count goals calendar for it, which can be downloaded here.

With all this going on, I'm going to have to cease taking commissions fairly soon. Those wanting watercolor paintings to give as gifts at the end of December are going to have to let me know before November 12th. Those cool with digital paintings and email-delivery will have until the end of the month. I won't be taking on any new work in December so that I can complete everything (hopefully in time to work around the craziness that is shipping during the holidays).


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