[Dragonmun Studios] Transformations...

At the time, I turned Tre's comment (photo above) into a springboard for a quick quip about my probably needing a new car, but he was spot-on. November was a huge month of transformation for me.

First was that Adobe (and Pantone), as a company, finally frustrated me enough that I ditched them.

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deviantART, as a company, finally frustrated me enough that I ditched them

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And Twitter's imploding.

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To the first point, I switched entirely over to Affinity for graphics (I'll do a write-up for this on Patreon soonish). Secondly, the thing with deviantART is compounding with my mixed feelings about AI (frequently discussed on discord). As for Twitter…

What to do with social media is a problem that has me kind of has me stumped… again. Much like the meme implies, I made an account on Hive Social (which I learned not to confuse with Hive.com, the project management platform, or theHive.ai, the company that worked on Trump's Truth Social platform). I'm @dragonmun there… but well, the beta android app doesn't work for me. πŸ™ƒ

This is especially ironic/funny since I locked down my personal Facebook profile and said that I might try to shift my general social media focus toward Twitter this year (based on friend advice). Now I'm just about to the point where I'm going to go back to using ifttt.com to auto-update Twitter from some other source so that I can re-abandon it like I had done in 2009.

My friend Becca was absolutely right when she said "social media is rented space" and it makes me appreciate those of you who allow me into your email inboxes every month all the more. From the get-go, my intentions with social media was to regularly connect with wonderful people like you! People who want to stay in the know with what I'm doing with my art/writing career - the weird little ins and outs that make the journey interesting and odd. To that point, I would like to blog/vlog a bit more… and use that to slightly increase the frequency of these emails , ensuring that you get the content that you want.

As the queen of slow starts, this might take a couple of months to get going, but I'll document that as well. For now I'm gonna survive the remainder of the holiday season, which I hope goes wonderfully for you all! 

See you in the new year! πŸŽ‡

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