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[Dragonmun Studios] "Pragmatic"

Home  •   Patreon  •   Discord  •   Event Schedule It's 2023 and this year's version of "new year, new you" seems to have come in the form of words. Single words. Words that one chooses as an all-encompassing mantra for the year. I like this idea and have decided on "pragmatic" as my choice of word for 2023.I picked this because I have a small number of big projects that I want to complete and get off of my desk this year - all of which need to be done in a realistically sensible and scheduled way. At the top of the list is Sivoa: Zenith (the proper sequel to my award-winning novel, Sivoa: Sunrise ). It's still in the self-editing phase and I very much want to get it out of my hands and into those of my real editor, Patti . Next would be to get back to engineering the Sivoa: Sunrise audiobook. This wound up on hiatus because of a number of cascading factors that began in 2020 with the pandemic - all of which I finally managed to address over the whol