[Dragonmun Studios] "Pragmatic"

It's 2023 and this year's version of "new year, new you" seems to have come in the form of words. Single words. Words that one chooses as an all-encompassing mantra for the year. I like this idea and have decided on "pragmatic" as my choice of word for 2023.I picked this because I have a small number of big projects that I want to complete and get off of my desk this year - all of which need to be done in a realistically sensible and scheduled way.

At the top of the list is Sivoa: Zenith (the proper sequel to my award-winning novel, Sivoa: Sunrise). It's still in the self-editing phase and I very much want to get it out of my hands and into those of my real editor, Patti. Next would be to get back to engineering the Sivoa: Sunrise audiobook. This wound up on hiatus because of a number of cascading factors that began in 2020 with the pandemic - all of which I finally managed to address over the whole of 2022. Much like with everything else Sivoa, I'm going to use Patreon to hold myself accountable in regards to working on it, and will be posting what parts I've edited together there each month. I am aware that this is a slow way of doing everything, but I'm definitely a slow-but-steady tortoise in a world of creative hares. 😅

Last Month In Art

December was a fantastic month for art-related stuff: In 2021, Patreon consensus determined that I would replace my sketch tier sketch mailers with an annual zine that showcased what I've made throughout the year - which I made happen! 

Way back in late 2018 (I think), I purchased an oversized printer because my scanner crapped out and all-in-one machines were the only way to replace that large-format thing. I was pleasantly surprised that it produced some seriously quality prints and have been using it for my art ever since. Well, it apparently also prints some damned decent booklets too, so that's how I handled the fulfillment for both the zine and the dragon calendar I've been wanting to make for a while.

Both of these publications were laid out in Affinity Publisher. As of this email, I have also successfully illustrated two images in Affinity Photo! Name-dropping the software suite because In the last email I sent you, I mentioned that I would do a write-up for it all… and I did! It can be found here. 😁

The Near Future:

I anticipate January to be somewhat quiet in terms of events. I missed the deadlines for the various shows happening this month and aim to continue on with everything mentioned above. I did, however, reinstate my Twitch account, so I'll be streaming there on Wednesdays from 11am-noon, est. While the visuals are the same as before, the format has changed and these will just be some chill-to-music-while-drawing sessions. I'd say that they could be ASMR-like, but my voice is too loud for that and I might opt to hit Twitch's metal soundtrack instead of it's chill one some days.

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