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[Dragonmun Studios] 100 Years of Awesome (and some other stuff)

Home  •   Patreon  •   Discord  •   Event Schedule For me, January was pretty much entirely geared towards monumental family events. My grandmother in particular as she turned 100 years old last month! I can't even begin to touch on how amazing a woman she is. She found a love that lasted through the biggest war in history. She traveled across different countries for her family. She saw the first airplanes, cars, and even electric lights! Through it all she's continued to be the most loving and humble person and is just such a wonderful role-model for everyone she meets. She is absolutely the best! I love you grandma! 🥰 We celebrated her birthday at her house last week and yesterday we returned to celebrate my cousin (her great-granddaughter)'s wedding!  So many good things!   Last Month In Art I didn't have too much time for art last month, but I still managed to get the Sivoa: Zenith illustration posted on time at Patreon : (Why is Dragonira making that face? See