[Dragonmun Studios] 100 Years of Awesome (and some other stuff)

For me, January was pretty much entirely geared towards monumental family events. My grandmother in particular as she turned 100 years old last month! I can't even begin to touch on how amazing a woman she is. She found a love that lasted through the biggest war in history. She traveled across different countries for her family. She saw the first airplanes, cars, and even electric lights! Through it all she's continued to be the most loving and humble person and is just such a wonderful role-model for everyone she meets. She is absolutely the best!

I love you grandma! 🥰

We celebrated her birthday at her house last week and yesterday we returned to celebrate my cousin (her great-granddaughter)'s wedding!  So many good things!


Last Month In Art

I didn't have too much time for art last month, but I still managed to get the Sivoa: Zenith illustration posted on time at Patreon:

(Why is Dragonira making that face? See the whole image  and read the story snippet that goes with it on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/posts/july-2020-sivoa-39562624)

I also managed to get two Twitch streams done on schedule, but quickly learned that 11am est is a terrible time for me because my husband calls at 11:45am - on his lunch break. There's no denying him that 15 minutes of phone time, so I'm bumping the stream to noon to see if that works out better.

Hilariously, I've started receiving sponsorship offers for the streams, so I just might take the advertisers up on that (though I have no idea how all that works.)

The Near Future:

I continue to be waitlisted for the comic conventions I've applied to and I'll admit that it's a bit disheartening. I know that it's nothing personal and that I'm competing with an absolute deluge of artists coming out of pandemic production highs, but for someone whose business model involves vending in person at such places as a means to combat the AI-based commission slump, it's kinda rough.

I did get into Earthday Birthday though and I can't be more excited! This year's lineup is nuts!

Book Stuff:

I'm pretty much done with the first round of editing Sivoa: Zenith and am about to embark on the second round! Once I hit the third round I think I'll post a call for beta readers on Patreon so that I can get some help in getting this beast of a manuscript to Patti for final polishing! Yay! 

Once it's in her hands, I'll get started on the cover and will share the progress for that on the Twitch and Patreon Discord channels. 😀

Speaking of covers, the cover for the anthology that my children's book co-conspirator, Lannie Sheridan, wrote a story for dropped last month. The book itself is coming out this month! Check out the online launch party for more information and fun author shenanigans.

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