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[Dragonmun Studios] MegaCon Update - Floorplan and other info

Home  •   Patreon  •   Discord  •   Event Schedule This email is kind of a copy/paste of the MegaCon event post that I sent with my last email. As this show is where I've met most of you and you've expressed an interest in this information, you might want to bookmark that link. 🥰 ❤️ I'll be located in Artist Alley, at table A119!️ ❤️ Naturally this is almost on the complete other end of the hall from where you'll be coming in. The easiest way back there is probably along the wall to the left. This might also be the easiest route to avoid the traffic for celebrity signing  [ Official Site ] [ Buy Tickets* ] [ Exhibitor Hall Floorplan ] *If you use my "buy tickets" link above, you'll help me pay for my table... which is kinda awesome of them to do. Directions: The Orange County Convention Center is a special kind of hell to get to, if we're being honest. You'll want to avoid Interstate 4 and International Drive as much as possible when you can..

[Dragonmun Studios] The March of Geeks

Home  •   Patreon  •   Discord  •   Event Schedule I know that February is the shortest month of the year, but what the hell was that?! How is it March?! (not my cat, but that face is my exact mood) Last Month In Art February was a fairly busy month in terms of creative endeavors - largely in part because I still feel like I'm learning how to do digital art all over again. First this picture (a closer to the finished version can be found on Patreon by clicking here ) kicked my butt: Then this picture kicked my butt before threatening to corrupt. Tears were had (Finished version unavailable everywhere for now): Despite that, I managed to make some small headway on the Sivoa: Sunrise audiobook : The Near Future: I got pulled off of the MegaCon waitlist and now will be vending at table A119 in the artist alley! This show was so stupid huge last year and there were so many artists that applied, that I'm honestly a little surprised that I got in. It feels a little like luck, but